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Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b [Latest Version2019]

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b [Latest Version2019]
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If you are thinking a lot about how you can open your android phones if you forget your PIN or password then this article is for you. Now, days every user using android mobile phones who want to secure them with the help of PIN or pattern lock but sometimes users forget their phone’s password. Then in that situation generally what they will do? They either reset their phones or go to the service center.

So don’t worry I am here for you to come out from this situation with a secret tool. You don’t need to go to the service station or reset your mobile phone. For that, you just need to download android multi tools in your android device. From this tool, you can easily unlock your phone without any interruption.

To come out from this situation you just have to download Android multi-tools v1.02b 2019. As the name implies that multi-tools which means that it can perform multiple tasks at the same time.

What is android multi-tools?

Android multi-tools is used to unlock your android device. From this tool, It has an ability to remove all kinds of passwords whether it is a PIN or pattern. You do not need to go to any service station or reset your mobile phone. In addition to this, it can be downloaded for windows. There are other several features and advantages of  Android multi-tools available.

Features of  Android multi-tools v1.02b 2019:

There are many features and advantages available for android multi-tools v1.02b 2019 which are as follows:

  • Multiple tasks you can perform at the same time.
  • It is free of cost you don’t need to pay even a single penny at all. No hidden charges applied in it.
  • It also tells us about the Android version, its model no, and other information.
  • It has the capacity to unlock any android device without any problem.
  • It can restart or reboot your android phone in one click.
  • It has the ability to check the device status.
  • You can reset your Gmail id if you don’t remember.
  • A person who doesn’t have any knowledge at all can use these tools.
  • It can also reset the face lock pattern.
  • It has the ability to check hardware and software status or detail.

You just have to follow the instructions for using this because it can erase your mobile data.

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Why you should download this tool?

It does not like other software or tools. The working of this software is different from the other software. It can support both modes of fast boot mode or normal mode. It does not involve you in typing command which you don’t even know. Basically, it depends on the command prompt. Everyone can easily understand this tool without any problem.

As there is two modes normal mode and a fast boot mode. The working of these two modes are given below:

Android Multi Tools Compatibility:

It is compatible with Windows operating system version 7, version 8 version 8.1, Windows 10. It can also support Windows XP which is the oldest version.

You can easily decompile or recompile software + jar frame documents by using this tool.

Normal Mode:

  • Firstly, you have to extract the file to the desktop on the computer.
  • After extracting the file, click on the multi-tools.exe app and run it.
  • click on it after that command prompt window will open with a green background.

Fastboot Mode:

In case your mobile interface is damaged by you then your mobile phone is at rest on a boot loop. This problem is solved by a fast boot mode. For this, you will have to install fastboot drivers on your system. The fastboot.exe file comes with a RAR file.

After double click on a fastboot.exe file and will reset your already existing drivers. All the drivers which are already present on your system are replaced by other drivers i.e ADB drivers.

Things That are  Require you to Download Android Multi Tools:

To perform this procedure you must have some tools which are given below:

  • Firstly you should have a computer system of windows operating system that can support different windows versions such as WindowsXP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
  • Then after that, you should have a good internet connection.
  • To perform this procedure you should have a USB cable.
  • Connect your phone to a computer via USB cable.
  • Then after that, you can easily unlock your device that is connected to your computer.

How To Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b?

How To Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b

After reading the features of this tool which I have mentioned above you are eagerly waiting to download this tool. So don’t worry guys have given a link below to download this tool.


How to use this tool?

As I have already mentioned that to download this tool you should have a USB cable and computer system. Connects your system with the USB cable. After connecting both of them together we will follow some instructions which I have given below:


Why Should You Download Android Multi Tools



  • First, you have to download this tool.
  • After downloading the tool, just open the file.
  • After that extract your file anywhere on the system.
  • Wait for the installing, After installing click on the multi-tools version v1.02b.exe to run the file.
  • Notification will come, allow all the permission’s notification
  • After that tool will be open  and GUI will be presented
  • If you want to check the status then you can check it by pressing 1, then you will know about the device version, ID, etc.
  • you can reset the password by pressing 2, After pressing 2 follow some instructions to deactivate the password or PIN lock or unlock your phone.
  • By pressing 3 you can deactivate your face lock.
  • You can reset your device connected Gmail Id by pressing 4.
  • By pressing 5 it can wipe all the device data.
  • By pressing 7 it can also tell us whether your device in a fast boot mode or in normal mode.

Wrapping up things:

I hope this article will definitely help. If you forget your mobile password, You can easily unlock your android device by using Multi Tools v1.02. For using this you just have to follow some steps which I have mentioned above. If you have any query about this tool just comment below. And if you find this article interesting do share it with your friends.


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