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Best GameCube Emulator [Windows, Mac, Android]

Best GameCube Emulator
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Hey guys!  I hope all are perfectly alright!! Now its time to moving towards a very impressive and engaging article which is based on Best GameCube Emulators.

As you know the game console is a highly specialized computer which is used to run video games. If we run video games on tricked-out computers or fully loaded gaming computers then the cost of such computers will definitely high whereas if we run video games on video game consoles then it will become less expensive for you. As you can see the cost of a fully-loaded gaming computer which is more than $10,000 but the cost of current generations console is lying between $200 and $300.

If you are interested in or seeking a prominent game console generations then the GameCube console generations are really be highlighted for you. So that’s why you are here. Emulation is already obsolete now in recent years but there are many emulators are also available in the market yet that provides near console adaption to older games.

Resulting, Many emulation programs are available for the GameCube and can bring The Wind Waker, Beyond good and evil, Legend of Zelda to modern computing platforms. So, In this article, I am here to telling you about Best Gamecube Emulator that can support all the platforms.

Before knowing the GameCube emulators we will have to know about what is GameCube emulator?

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 What is a GameCube Emulator?

Gamecube emulator is basically a software program that aids to emulate or imitate the GameCube hardware performance.  This emulator was released in 2001. A present GameCube emulator has an ability to run GameCube ROMs. Some popular games came from this generation the named as  Super Mario sunshine, Melee, and Super smash bros.

If you are using GameCube emulator then you can get a better experience than original GameCube. Because of PCs and mobile platform hardware is stronger than original GameCube hardware. In addition, this emulator also provides save or load functionality.

Nintendo GameCube emulator is surely a legal GameCube emulator but illegal to use ROM which is technically wrong. For your kind information, an emulator cannot violate themselves their technical or intellectual laws.

5 Best GameCube Emulators

Here is the list of Best GameCube Emulator. So without further ado let get straight to list.

1.Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin emulator is a first successful video game console emulator for GameCube, Wii and Nintendo 64. It is a multi-platform project. It can support windows, mac, Linux and Android platform. It was released in 2003. To boot the performance of the GameCube dolphin emulator plays their significant role.

As it is open source, everyone can improve the code of this emulator. Most of the games have come with bugs. Everyday New features are added into this and fixing of bugs also performed.

The pros and cons of Dolphin emulator are given below:


  1. It supports windows, mac, Linux and Android platform so that’s why it is a multi-platform project.
  2. It provides the features of load and saves.
  3. It also enhances the performance of games.
  4. Every day new features are added and fixing of the bugs performs as well.


  1. High-end CPU requires for most ROMs.
  2. Other cons of this emulator, it is GPU intensive.

2.GC4iOS Emulator

Whenever we talk or discuss emulator, everyone wants to emulate their favorite games on their iDevices like iPhone 7, iPhone 7S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch etc. It is a third party emulator and it was designed for jailbreak and non-jailbreak iDevices. It is capable to emulate Nintendo GameCube or Wii on your iPhone or iPad along with the faster speed of the emulator. It comes with a lot of enjoyment that provides precise games control with background sound.


  • It provides precise games control with background sound.
  • ROMs of the different variety is supported by this emulator.
  • You can run and enjoy your childhood favorite games without paying a single rupee.
  • You can use it on any kind of iDevices.


  • This emulator is not available on the official Apple store. You can get it from Tweak store, Apps4iphone, and ftos app stores.
  • You may find it slowdown during gameplay.
GC4iOS Emulator


3.WhineCube Emulator

It is a program that is designed by using C++ language. It is able to support DOL, ELF and GCM formats. It is not designed for commercial games even you can play any type of game on windows using WhineCube Emulator. It is compatible with Windows XP or later version. You can also configure your keyboard that helps to make your gaming style easier.


  • It is capable to run any type of game on windows.
  •  Here you can configure your keyboard, The configuration of the keyboard makes your gaming style easier.
  • Excellence graphics features are available.


  • Your emulator might be crash when you try to log out or switch off your games.

4.Dolwin Emulator

It is a program that is designed using C language. It has a user-friendly interface which is very easy to use. You can configure the controls easily that makes your gaming style easier. It is a precise and fast emulator. You can use it on mac or windows operating system.


  • It can run it on mac or windows operating system.
  • User-friendly interface available
  • It is fully customizable and can easily configure the controls.


  • For a good gaming experience, you have to keep your computer up-to-date.

5.GCEMU Emulator

If you want to play old games then this emulator is for you. It performs faster emulation. It is compatible with any windows operating system so you are able to play any games without any interruption. It is also called incomplete emulator, therefore, some options that are available on the other emulator which is not present on this emulator. In terms of speed, it is more popular and would never let you down.


  • It does not use the BIOS image.
  • It is faster than other emulators.
  • It is compatible with any version of windows operating system.


  • You may find various bugs.
  • It is an incomplete emulator, some options are not present on this emulator.
GC Emu Emulator

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Best GameCube Emulator Alternative for Android


It is an emulator that is made for Android. Various classic consoles are emulated by this emulator. Nintendo 64, Gameboy Advance, NES, Sega Megadrive, Gameboy Advance and, SNK NeoGeo you can emulate. This emulator does not come with ROMs which means that you can download this emulator easily. The setting of this emulator allows for the configuration of the controls so that you can do gaming in your style. It also helps to connect you to PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 controllers to your Android device through the Bluetooth. The PRO version of this emulator helps you to save the game at any moment.


  • By using the PRO version of this emulator you can save the game at any time.
  • It does not come with ROMs, you can download it easily.
  • It also helps to run or play the games from eight distinct systems.


  • No setting is available to recalibrate the analog stick buttons.
Install Classic Boy

2.My Boy

It is a super fast emulator to run the advanced games of GameBoy. This emulator provides a fairly strong emulation experience. Basically, It emulates all the features of hardware resources. It also helps you to protect your Android device from draining the battery during the gameplay. Every emulator is popular by its features with these features your emulated game become so exciting. By using this app you will have to save or load the states, preloaded BIOS files, and gamepad support.


  • No crashes, no bugs at all.
  • As like basic emulator tools, it has quickly saved and load functionality.
  • It is simple and straightforward.


  • Its speed is good but it is not able to link up without paying.
Install My Boy

3. MegaN64

If you are seeking an emulator that is capable to run both Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube on an android device then this emulator is for you. It is a faster tool for android if you want to run it with excellent graphics and sound then you will have to use a tool that can run on android 2.0 or its higher level.


  • It is completely free and not hard to use.
  • It is backward compatible and can play older games.
  • You can be set up easily this emulator.


  • It takes more space on your android device.
Install MegaN64 Boy

4.DraStic DS

It is a faster Nintendo DS for android. If you want to run Drastic DS then you can run it easily on any android device whether it is a tablet, phone or anything with better resolution. This emulator has a feature you can increase the speed of emulation. You can customize the buttons configuration if you are going to play the fighting game then you will have to change the configuration of that buttons.


  • Extremely impressed graphical ability.
  • Cheat code support and adding your code according to the specific management.
  • The best emulator in terms of speed.
  • You can save anything from this on google drive.


  • Multiplayer modes do not support.
Install DraStic DS

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Which are the best Gamecube Emulator for windows, mac, and Linux operating system?

The answer is that Dolphin emulator is the only emulator that can run on windows, mac, and Linux operating system.  If you are going to do planning on your system then you should prefer dolphin emulator.

Dolphin emulator is capable to run both GameCube and Nintendo games on your system.

Each day new feature are added into this emulator and fixing of bugs performs as well. This GameCube emulator can also read ISO files. These files are copied from the original discs and can read the original discs as well.

No other emulator is suitable for mac, windows, and Linux operating system. It is very much impressive than other emulators.


Best Gamecube Emulator for Android: Dolphin Emulator

Some of you want to run GameCube games on your android phones because it is the easiest way to carry them. So if you are looking for an emulator for android then the Dolphin emulator suitable for every android phones.

As it is a free app you can use it on any of your android phones without any problem. As we know that many free apps for GameCube emulators are present on play store but only Dolphin Emulator is a prominent emulator for android. It requires a high-end CPU for most ROMs.Overall it is the best emulator for android.

Now I am giving you advice that without thinking too much only prefer Dolphin emulator for your android device.



Best Gamecube Emulator for ios: GC4iOS Emulator

The popularity of GameCube emulators not only till the android devices but also on ios devices.

There are multiple options are available on play store for ios device but  GC4ios is one of the best emulators for ios. Different variety of ROMs is also supported by this app. It also provides precise gaming controls with background sounds.

You can run this app any of its ios devices whether it is an iPhone or iPad with faster speed. You can even enjoy your favorite old games with the help of this emulator.

So in the end, I will strictly recommend GC4ios emulator for your ios devices.

GC4iOS Emulator

Wrapping of words:

As in this article, I have covered almost every emulator which is suitable for your GameCube games and also told you about which is the suitable emulator for your operating system, Android devices, and ios devices.

So, I hope in this article you have learned a lot about GameCube emulator to run your video games. You can select one of them to run your video games according to your choice.

Please feel free to ask if you have any other query regarding GameCube emulators. If you have any query Regarding these GameCube emulators then comment below.

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